Endurance Bed 0.0

The Endurance 0.0 Bed is a one-piece, rotationally molded, space-saving bed designed to withstand continuous use in intensive environments.

Endurance Bed 0.0 Features:

  • Durable, one-piece, rotationally molded design for increased strength. Constructed of high-impact “no break” polyethylene
  • Recommended mattress: 30” x 77” with minimum 4.5” thickness
  • Molded-in sides and ends for increased structural span strength
  • Can be bolted to the floor via concealed pilot holes with hardware of your choice
  • Optional ballast door on underside of bed to add supplemental weight
  • Easy to clean, sanitize, and maintain
  • Flame Retardant (passes Cal 133)
  • Passes Flammability UL 94 HB
  • Tested to ISO 22196 showing a >99% reduction in bacteria
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty

Aqua, Black, Blue Gray, Brown, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Indigo, Midnight Blue, Sand, Slate Blue, Stone Gray

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