About Us

About Cortech

Cortech was founded in 1993 by Joseph Claffy and celebrates over 25 years in business, specializing in the design and manufacturing of correctional and behavioral health furnishings. While both markets have developed significantly over the years, we remain committed to producing the highest quality products that are 100% American made, most of which are backed by a 10-Year Warranty. At Cortech we understand that our furnishings often occupy challenging environments, so our highest priority is safety. Each of our products undergo several tests that prove maximum durability, strength, and fire-retardance; and that they are well suited for intensive-use applications. In addition to safety, Cortech is passionate about creating Normative Environments conducive to rehabilitation rather than the grim, institutionalized settings of the past.

By successfully engineering our plastic furnishings to be stronger than steel, we offer the opportunity to choose from a variety of color options, thereby establishing environments geared toward rehabilitation. Today you can find our products in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and worldwide. 

Our commitment to our customers goes unmatched. Call us today to speak with a dedicated team member who is interested in earning your business and will answer any questions you may have.