Master Box

The Master Box is the ultimate property storage box for safety and inmate control. The Box is designed to work with our standard Barracuda Boxes, while having an integral combination dial lock with a key override. Each Master Box comes with its own unique, preset combination. The key override feature will allow any guards or officers access to the boxes when needed. The integral locking system provides facilities with a lockable box, without the dangers of using padlocks. The Master Box comes in three sizes, 1.5 cu ft., 2.0 cu ft., and 3.0 cu ft. The Boxes are able to be both stacked and nested, and pass the Cal 133 Flame Retardant Tests. Each Box is individually numbered for effective inmate ID and property control.

The Barracuda Box is designed for Correctional Facilities, Behavioral and Mental Health Facilities, Schools and Universities, Residential Institutions, Public Safety Facilities and any other intense use application.


The Master Box

The ultimate in security and safety for inmate property. The Cortech Master Box, The Toughest Locking Inmate Property Storage Box, is specifically designed to exceed all requirements of an inmate property storage box and system. The Master Box is stronger, lighter, and more functional than other inmate property storage boxes. It is built with an integral combination dial lock and staff override key.


  • Integral tamper resistant combination dial lock comes with a master override key
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous padlocks
  • “Stack and Nest” Design – Stack property boxes with or without a lid without crushing the contents of the Master Box
  • Box capacity 1 5 cu ft (Standard)*
  • Box capacity 2 0 cu ft (Large)*
  • Box capacity 3 0 cu ft (X-Large)*
  • Radius design (rounded edges and corners) for maximum impact dispersion and resistance
  • Vertical radiused structural columns for maximum strength and impact resistance
  • Constructed with high impact “no break” polypropylene
  • Flame Retardant (Passes CAL133) Test results available upon request
  • Integral combination lock and hasp safely secures the sliding lid to the box Custom colors available
  • 1 year warranty
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA

*Call Cortech for exact dimensions and test data

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