Derby Blue Standard Mattress

The Derby Blue Standard Mattress is produced using only the highest quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.  It features a densified fiber core that is fluid, fire, and rip resistant.

Derby Blue Standard Mattress Features:

  • Densified fiber core
  • Radio Frequency Welded Seams for maximum fluid resistance
  • High-performance cover protects from contamination (i.e. fluids, lice, bed bugs)
    • 5-Year Warranty on cracking and seams
  • Breathable, fluid-resistant vent sealed into each mattress
  • Easy to search for contraband
  • Option to add integrated pillow one one or both sides
  • Certified fire resistant
  • Easy to sanitize and wipe clean to reduce cross infection
  • Free patches available for small punctures and tears


Derby Blue Mattress Size

4.5 x 25 x 75 in., 4.5 x 30 x 75 in., 4.5 x 35 x 75 in.

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