The Rock with Cor~Flex

The Rock Tray with Cor~Flex is a seamless, one-piece, insulated food tray constructed of pliable COR~FLEX material that can be stacked with or without lids. Its five featured food compartments and two condiment compartments are insulated to help maintain temperature control and prevent water absorption.


  • Compartment height: 1.75 inches
  • Available in Brown, Orange, Dark Gray, or Terra Cotta
  • Radius corners and softly beveled bottom make it easier to eat and clean
  • Ability to stack 84 Rock Trays+Lids OR 120 Rock Trays in the Chuckwagon
  • Ability to stack 48 Rock Trays+Lids OR 68 Rock Trays in the Chuckwagon Jr.  
  • Manufactured with an FDA Approved Material
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty

Brown, Dark Gray, Orange, Terra Cotta

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