Chuckwagon Jr.

The Chuckwagon Jr.

An innovative, insulated, meal tray delivery cart. This cart is manufactured to the highest standards of expected abuse in a correctional environment. The Chuckwagon Jr., insulated food tray delivery cart, has a true one piece molded cavity with no seams, no welded walls and no adhesives. The walls of the cart are filled with high grade insulation for maximum thermal retention. When used with either of the Rock Food Trays or The X-Tray, the hot stays hot and the cold stays cold! The two insulated, hinge-less, sliding doors are easily removed for cleaning. The Chuckwagon Jr. is also specially formulated with high impact polyethylene for maximum strength and impact resistance. The Chuckwagon Jr. is also chemically resistant to hazardous fluids and stains. The two insulated sliding doors, which are easily removed for cleaning, can be locked closed. (Locking hasp optional)


  • Accommodates any tray up to 9 1/2” x 14 1/2”
  • Raised top edge surfaces safely holds more trays, beverage servers and wash racks
  • Handle slots for easy navigation
  • Highest quality non-marring kingpin-less casters with quick change out design
  • Optional tamperproof locking door latch system
  • Holds 60 X-Trays, 60 Rock 2 0 Trays or 88 Rock trays!

Sold Separately from Cortech

  • Built-in wall bumpers
  • New and improved door track system
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA

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