Why Safety Is Essential in Behavioral Health Furniture

Behavioral health furniture requires built-in safety features that address the unique challenges presented within behavioral health settings. Some of the most important features to have are single, “no-break” materials without seams or joints as well as ligature-resistant designs with rounded edges and corners. Learn why safety is essential in behavioral health furniture.

Create an Environment for Healing

One of the main priorities of behavioral health facilities is to create environments that promote healing and well-being. To create this healing atmosphere for occupants, behavioral health facilities prioritize using furniture and décor that is aesthetically pleasing but also safe for continuous use. At Cortech USA, we provide a variety of behavioral health chairs made from “no-break,” flame-retardant polyethylene and offer several soothing colors to choose from. We manufacture all of our furniture as single-piece designs with smooth, rounded corners and edges to prevent ligature points and safety concerns. Our chairs are inviting and safe for both patients and staff to use daily.

Consider Cleanliness and Sanitation

Behavioral health facilities aim to design comfortable spaces for relaxation while also considering hygiene and sanitation concerns. Cortech USA’s rotationally molded furniture is designed for comfort and constructed without any seams or joints. These features prevent liquids or bodily fluids from penetrating the surface of or suffusing into the furniture, allowing staff to disinfect and clean quickly and easily.

Protect Patients and Staff

The final reason why safety is essential in behavioral health furniture is to protect patients and staff. The safety features and designs we use at Cortech USA ensure that patients cannot harm themselves or others. Each piece of furniture we produce is safe for any occupant to use.

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