Endurance X-Series Laminate Tables

The Endurance X Series Laminate Tables pair our standard rotationally-molded X-Base with a high-pressure laminate top for maximum durability.  These customizable tables are designed for continuous use in high-traffic areas such as dayrooms and dining rooms.

Endurance X-Series Laminate Table Features

Laminate Tops:

  • High-pressure laminate top manufactured for strength and impact resistance.
  • Custom shapes and dimensions available
  • Rounded polyurethane edge designed for high traffic areas
  • Attaches to legs with tamper-resistant screws
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA


  • Rotationally molded and constructed of high impact polyethylene
  • Legs are fastened to tabletop using tamper-resistant screws; metal-to-metal connection for added strength and durability
  • Can be filled with sand to weigh down or bolted to the floor

Standard Finishes for Laminate Tabletops

Dura Edge Color Options

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