Janitorial Supplies


Help keep your facility free from weapon fabrication with our ALL plastic, no metal correctional specific janitorial product line. All products are made specifically with the safety of correctional environments in mind.

SKUDescriptionCase Qty
D100Stainless Steel Scrubbers, Premium Grade72
D100/12Stainless Steel Scrubbers, Premium Grade12
510163X Heavy Duty Hand Pads, 6 x 9, Green60
CONE/4OZ4 ounce Cone Cups5,000
2010-JAILFiber Mop Handle with T Bar Head12
2006F-JAILFiber Mop Handle with Jaw Grip Head12
2040-JAILFiber Threaded Handle, 60"12
2041-JAILFiber Square Cut Handle12
9899-JAILAll Plastic Push Broom Head12
2600-JAILAll Plastic Angle Broom, Finber 48" Handle, Plastic Head6
1049-JAIL36" All Plastic Dust Mop Frame6
1040Dust Mop Cover/Refill, 36"12
784722-JAIL22" All Plastic Squeegee Head6
3020-JAILCorn Broom, No Metal or Wire6
1807088" Plastic Shower Brush with Thread Receiver12
SHPB1Short Handle Pot Brush, All Plastic6
LHPB1Long Handle Pot Brush, All Plastic6
16010007" Plastic Scrub Brush - Hand Held12
C280211-JAILAll Plastic Bowl Brush W/Flex Handle12
7537All Plastic Dust Pan12
6075Cotton Mop Head, 5" Band12
6175Cotton Mop Head, 1" Band12
6090Finish Mop Head12
6060Blue Cotton Mop Head, 5" Band12
6063Green Cotton Mop Head, 5" Band12
6032Yellow Cotton Mop Head, 5" Band12
119"Caution" Wet Floor Signs, Bi-lingual6
125SP"Wet Floor" Caution Cones, Bi-lingual6
184GYJanitor Cart1
188YWYellow Vinyl Replacement Bags6
1CP3660NHClear 36” x 60” Can Liner200
1CP3660XHNX-Heavy Clear 36” x 60” Can Liner200
4969-JAILDust Pan with Handle1

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