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January 27, 2021

Cortech USA® Makes Significant Progress in Patent Case with Norix
United States Patent and Trademark Office rejects ALL asserted claims

Willowbrook, IL – January 27, 2021: After 3+ years of vigorously defending what Cortech USA® believes to be a frivolous lawsuit based upon meritless allegations of patent infringement of United States Patent Number 9,661,933 (the ‘933 Patent), momentous progress has been made in Cortech’s favor.

Cortech has successfully had two of Norix’s claims dismissed outright, and, on January 21, 2021, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“the Patent Office”) officially rejected ALL the asserted Claims (1-8 and 10-15) of the ‘933 Patent, making them currently invalid. This is a substantial development and huge vote of confidence for Cortech to be on the right side of what has been an onerous lawsuit.
Norix also filed a second patent infringement suit on a related patent, United States Patent Number 10,507,150 (“the ’150 Patent”), and Cortech immediately challenged the validity of that patent in the Patent Office. In view of Cortech’s arguments and materials that it brought to the attention of the Patent Office, ALL claims of the ‘150 Patent have also been deemed invalid by the Patent Office. Cortech will persist in vigorously defending itself in this litigation and is confident it will be vindicated against all claims.
Cortech continues to provide innovative products and best practices in manufacturing and service to anticipate and satisfy the expectations of customers in the correctional and behavioral health markets nationwide.

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