Handcuffs and Accessories

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8111-2-2Oversized Steloy Chain Handcuff-Black
8111-2-31Oversized Steloy Chain Handcuff-Nickel
8112-1-2Standard Steel Chain Handcuffs-Black
8112-2-2Oversized Steel Chain Handcuffs-Black
8112-1-31Standard Steel Chain Handcuffs-Nickel
8112-2-31Oversized Steel Chain Handcuffs-Nickel
8121-2-2Oversized Steloy Hinge Handcuff-Black
8121-2-31Oversized Steloy Hinge Handcuff-Nickel
8122-2-2Oversized Hinge Handcuffs-Black
8122-2-31Oversized Hinge Handcuffs-Nickel
8122-1-2Standard Hinge Handcuffs-Black
8122-1-31Standard Hinge Handcuffs-Nickel
8132-1-2Rigid Handcuff-Black
8132-1-31Rigid Handcuff-Nickel
8142-1-2Ultimate Hinge Handcuff-Black
8142-1-31Ultimate Hinge Handcuff-Nickel
8400-1-65Carbon Fiber Cuff Key, w/ pocket clip
8400-2-65Carbon Fiber Cuff Key, w/ key ring
HK-10Handcuff Key
C-5010-BFlex-Cuf Restraints,PK 1000
C5060BDoubleCuf Restraints,PK 100
C-5-0005Flex-Cuf Safety Cutter
8500-0-2Metal Cuff Cutter
BBCRWall Mount Handcuff Rings
1850Transport Restraint attaches to leg Iron
1900LI11in. leg irons with chain and cuffs
BCWC20Bellychains with Handcuffs
BT48Leather Transport Belt
8600Cuff Aide Restraint Single
8310Spit Net Hood Single
8320Tranzport Hood Single
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