Perfect Ink Fingerprinting Equipment

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Perfect Ink Fingerprint Equipment

All elements are attached and ready to use. Easily replaceable Perfect Ink Pad develops instant, permanent, non-smearing prints on all fingerprint cards. Several variations of the fingerprint station are available to suit your department needs. A no mess ink that is easily wiped away. The products produce permanent, black, high contrast prints that are AFIS approved. Our delivery system consistently applies an equal amount of solution to every finger, prevents evaporation of solution, prolongs the printing surface, and lowers the rejection rate. All Perfect Ink products are non-toxic.

Available Fingerprinting Products

PI39Portable Fingerprint Station
PI30Replacement Pad for 3YMG9
PI39KFingerprint Station Kit
PI-21Ink Roller Palm Printer
PI-121Replacement Kit for 3YMH3
LE42ReTab Correction Labels,PK 500
LE43PrePrint Skin Conditioners,PK 100
LE44Towelettes Ink Remover,PK 100
PI40AApplicant Cards,PK 250
PI40BBooking Cards,PK 250
5-4500ID Magnifier,Light,2 1/2 In, 4x Mag
5-4501ID Magnifier,Light,3 1/2 In, 4x Mag
PI-30Lg Rectangular Fingerprint Pad 3YMH1
PI-20Lg Round Fingerprint Pad
Pl-10Small Round Fingerprint Pad
PI-51.75 Rectangular Fingerprint Pad
PS51 1/2 x 21/2 Prescan Pad
PS303x4 1/2 Prescan Pad


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