Endurance Suite


The Endurance Suite Furniture line is an all-in-one furniture line to fully furnish any Mental Health room. The Endurance Suite is ideal for use as Mental Health Furniture, Behavioral Health Furniture, Detention Furniture, and Correctional Facility Furniture.

The suite consists of the items below:

Endurance Bed
Endurance Bed 2.0
Night Stand
Endurance Cube
Open Chest
Wall Shelf
4 Shelf Wall Mount
Floor Mounted Stool
Cobra Mini Can
Ventura Mirror
Razorback Chair

The Suite can be bolted to the floor and walls via concealed pilot holes, and will also pass the Cal 133 Burn Test. The Suite carries a 10 year warranty, and can be manufactured in multiple colors.

If you have any questions regarding the Endurance Suite, please contact us today.

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