Kitchen Disposables

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Cortech offers a complete line of Kitchen Disposable. Call, chat, or request a quote for more information.

Item #DescriptionCase Qty.
GVDR-(SIZE)Vinyl Glove S M L XL1,000
GDPE-(SIZE)Poly Glove S M L XL10,000
GRFY-(SIZE)Flock lined Glove S M L XL120 Pairs
DAP1.25-28X46Poly Apron 24" x 42"1,000
DBWH-21-1Bouffant Cap1,000
DBRD-1000Beard Covers1,000
1CP3660XHNClear 36" x 60" Can Liner200
ICP3660XHNX-Heavy Clear 36" x 60" Can Liner200
BPD3-XL-5Shoe Covers500

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